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Rabbi Moshe and Bruchy Cheplowitz founded the Gardens Jewish Experience to connect, educate and inspire the Jews of Palm Beach Gardens and its surrounding areas to our illustrious heritage and to create a warm and inviting community.

Rabbi Moshe and Bruchy love hosting guests in their home and bonding over good food, delicious challah and even better discussions. As they balance programming and Torah learning, they are great at also individually and confidentially replying to questions- by text, email or phone. They take a person’s individual circumstance to help inspire one’s Jewish journey. In everything they do, the goal is to inspire people, make them feel at home, and use Jewish traditional teachings that provide important context for living a life of meaning today.

Rabbi Moshe Cheplowitz grew up in Milwaukee, WI which molded him into the friendly mid-westerner that he is. His passion for Judaism and outreach, led him and his family to move to Palm Beach Gardens and establish the Gardens Jewish Experience. His genuine love for every Jew, warm personality and approachability allow him to connect with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Education: Rabbi Moshe received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbinical Seminary of America. He taught Judaic studies and was an administrative intern at Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, was an assistant principal at a Jewish boys High School in Roslyn, NY and mentored college students at St. Johns University. He is a certified Mohel and has circumcised many baby boys in the community.

Bruchy Cheplowitz grew up in New York, where her home was always open to guests. She has the sincere ability to bring her warmth and character in both making Jewish education exciting, hands-on and creative for children and having important and deep conversations with adults.

Education: Bruchy has a bachelors in psychology from Thomas Edison College and a Masters in Special Education from Adelphi University. She has worked in the field of special education and general education for over 20 years.

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